New organic pineapple frozen purée

SICOLY® extends its organic purées and juices offer with a new recipe : frozen pineapple purée.

 SICOLY®​ offers the largest range of organic juices and purées in the frozen market, with more than 20 references.
For the summer season 2022, SICOLY® launches a new purée that will satisfy the urges for fresh and exotic flavours : the frozen organic pineapple purée 100 % !

This new organic purée is made from organic pineapples grown in Costa Rica, following the stringent criteria of organic farming.

As for all our frozen purées and juices range, we tailor our recipes and process to the fruit in order to preserve the natural aromas of the fruit, and in the case of pineapple, its natural intensity, acidity and fruitiness of the fresh fruit.
This purée is without added sugar for a fresh and more natural taste.

With its intense and very fresh taste, this new organic pineapple purée will seduce all professionals, and especially the ice-cream makers for their exotic recipes, especially fit for summer time.